Waking Up

Did you wake up within your target range today? I missed it by 30 mg/dL – – above my target range that is…it’s ok. I’ll add 1/2 unit of humalog to my morning insulin dose to correct it and bring it back to the normal range for breakfast. Breakfast. Indeed, whether or not I feel like eating, I have to, just to make the insulin work efficiently. And, that really sucs. Sometimes you and I do not feel so hungry in the morning. It would be great to just skip breakfast. I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t really work out so well.

Honestly, so long as the insulin begins to work and I can manage to bring the glucose to a normal range, my target range, I am happy about it. It’s all about feeling good. How do you feel on those days when you wake up with a high or a low, right before breakfast? I know it can be really exhausting because that’s what happens to the body when it is constantly trying to balance those glucose levels – – it takes energy just to do that! You and I both know that however, other people do not understand what we go through because we look normal and healthy on the exterior. If other people could understand how we feel and what we go through, waking up may be a little bit easier for you and I.

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By Reality Woman

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