Cake. Do not eat it. Cake is not for people with Type 1 diabetes. I tried it before and it’s just not good for the blood sugar – especially if it’s frosted.

Last Saturday night I thought I would give cake a try. Disaster. Cake, a very poor choice…I was ok for a few hours, then, in the middle of the night the CGM started beeping, we’re talkin 365 mg/dL and arrow going straight up. Yup. It sucs. We just want a piece of it and it’s just not possible if we want to maintain our balance. In fact, when we do eat it, we really do eat it – up all night trying to correct the high and, regardless of the several correction doses I administered, my BS remained in the 200-300s into the morning. It sucs. Don’t eat cake. What happened to your blood sugar after eating birthday cake?

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By Reality Woman

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