Maximize the Positive

Ever think about how to maximize the positive? I do. There are a many ways to maximize the positive in this life. And, there are a couple of things that I continue to do regularly, that help me to maximize the positive and, well, that help me feel good throughout the day. Not everyday however, most days.

What about maximizing the positive, especially on those days that start out stressful? For example, this morning started off like a roller-coaster. After a few tears over a life event that surfaces every now and then, what I did next is an example of maximizing the positive – – something you and I need to do when we feel a little blue. Why? Well because when we feel blue, it does affect our glucose levels.

Living in beautiful, sunny, Southern California, with so many wonderful opportunities to explore, including my favorite – – the GREAT OUTDOORS, I decided to suit up and go for a morning trail run. Westridge is my favorite because the fire roads are spacious and there are plenty of hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and dogs to keep you company along the adventure.

Years ago, I ran with a trail club every Sunday morning. Why did I stop after 8 years? Runners in the group began to go their separate ways over the years and eventually, the group disappeared. There are other groups I could join, yes, it’s true. I do appreciate the solitude however, especially while running in nature. It helps me re-group, gather my thoughts, and manage my feelings. It also helps me maximize the positive.

Although running is one way to channel energy into positivity, there are other things that contribute to such. For instance, music contributes to maximizing the positive. Music moves me… Does it move you too? Music makes me feel good, and it inspires me too! I love listening to music while I move…while I work, cook, clean, run, drive, meditate, write, and the list goes on and on…why does music help to motivate you and, how does music help you maximize the positive?

By Reality Woman

I'm a proactive, health conscious author writing to inspire people living with diabetes who seek a supportive and meaningful platform for discussion.