Even While We Sleep

One thing that really sucs about diabetes is, we always have to pee. Even while we sleep. Even when our glucose levels are totally normal. It doesn’t matter. We have to deal with our diabetic bladder.

Since the age of 6 years old, when I was diagnosed with TYPE I diabetes, I remember, every single day of my life, always having to go pee. Several times per day.

Diagnosing my TYPE I diabetes was fairly easy for the doctor – – my symptoms were black and white. I was waking up in the middle of the night, drinking lots of water out of the faucet in the bathroom and, always peeing. It was really exhausting. I was constantly thirsty from high glucose caused by a lack of insulin in my little body. It still is exhausting. Diabetes is, a full-time job. Seriously. Even when you and I do everything by the book and our sugar is in the normal range, we still have that water running right through us at the speed of light!

Over the years, after my TYPE I diagnosis, although I took control of diabetes and have excellent A1c levels – – in the normal range that is, I still, always have to pee. No matter whether my glucose is in the normal range or elevated, I have a bladder that is the size of a pea and / or, a hyperactive bladder. Although it’s true, I do drink plenty of water – – it’s good for the body, the kidneys love it, even on the occasions when I limit my water intake, I still have to frequently use the bathroom. I’m sure you and I can share several stories about how uncomfortable we get in certain social settings – – we are always thinking in the back of our minds, where is the bathroom for when we do have to go pee!

Last night I was up 3-4 times just to go pee. It happens pretty much every night to be up front and honest. What’s worse is when other people make comments about my bathroom habits throughout the day because I always have to go pee. It really does suc. What sucs more though is the lack of understanding and compassion from other people. I’m ok with jokes and teasing, no problem. When it comes down to it, we all like to laugh a lot and have fun. The problem with TYPE I diabetes however is that, we are really all alone, on our own with this condition. Why? Well, because other people who do not live with this chaotic condition do not know how exhausted we feel on a physical level. Even more overwhelming is when we begin to feel emotional drain from the physical exhaustion. We TYPE I peeps are not looking for compassion and understanding however, we would like to be recognized as people who do live with a very serious medical condition that can in fact be managed and, at the same time, causes a huge amount of stress in our lives for several reasons. Why do we want to be recognized? Well, because, TYPE I peeps are not noticed as people with a disability because we LOOK NORMAL on the outside. We do actually have a disability and, looks are deceiving.

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By Reality Woman

I'm a proactive, health conscious author writing to inspire people living with diabetes who seek a supportive and meaningful platform for discussion.