We’re Not Robots

By nature, I am a low maintenance human. How about you? For me, it’s only the TYPE I that forces me into a higher maintenance category. Monitoring our diabetes is a full-time job, a huge commitment, a pain in the butt. Constant maintenance all day and night long, each and every day. If only you and I were robots…

Humans, yup, that’s what we are. We strive to live normal, happy, peaceful lives. Our goal is to live with minimal stress. We enjoy our lives more completely when we have strong, positive, healthy relationships with one another and also, with our pets. Why do we strive for such? Well, for starters, it makes us FEEL GOOD. I love to feel good. How about you? Living with TYPE I however, can be a rollercoaster of feeling good and bad. It’s not always predictable how we’re gonna feel and, that can really suc. Am I right?
If we were robots, we could manage this TYPE I condition so much better. Why? Well, because robots do not have feelings, emotions, hormones; they do not exercise and, they do not need to eat food to survive. Robots continue to function if they are turned off for a few hours or even days – – just turn them back on and voila, robots are right back to their game.

Many of the things that cause humans to experience stress, robots do not have to deal with. This is exactly why it would be helpful for those of us living with diabetes to be more like robots. Robots function and then, they are either tuned up or replaced. Humans on the other hand, especially those of us living with diabetes, require constant maintenance. Why? Well, because we’re not robots.

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By Reality Woman

I'm a proactive, health conscious author writing to inspire people living with diabetes who seek a supportive and meaningful platform for discussion.