Each and everyday you and I start over…we wake up and like a machine, start ourselves up again. Over and over, everyday and all day long. Constant maintenance. Be consistent. Stay on track. We hope for the best, that the day ahead will bring us near perfect glucose levels with little fluctuation – – just so we can feel good. To accomplish this, we need to diligently manage our schedules, diet, exercise, stress levels, and families. Oops, don’t fall off the wagon, it’s gonna hurt…will take precious time out of the day and maybe even more than one day, to get back on. Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay motivated. But what about those days we have when we are not so focused, we feel a little down, we’re not so motivated…what to do about that? Well, you and I both know, there’s not much we really can do. Patience. We’ll start over tomorrow.

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By Reality Woman

I'm a proactive, health conscious author writing to inspire people living with diabetes who seek a supportive and meaningful platform for discussion.