Gotta Work

It’s true, we all gotta work. Some of us are passionate about what we do and others, well, we do what we gotta do to survive. Living with TYPE I is kinda like that. We are constantly in survival mode, all day long, each and everyday. Constant maintenance. Even while we work. Ya. We gotta work and, we gotta work with our TYPE I. It sucs. It sucs because we do not get the support we really need from the workplace. Why? Well, because, with TYPE I, it’s not visible to others, nobody knows we got TYPE I until something happens or, unless we tell them. Even then, once we tell them, they have no idea what TYPE I is all about because they do not live with it. If something happens, total bummer, and very scary. If we tell our co-workers and higher ups, they immediately blow it off or, they judge us. Why tell people around us we have TYPE I if we know we’ll be judged? Well, we tell them because we know we need help if something happens, if our glucose plummets so low we start to shake, shiver, and sweat, all at the same time. Even then, do we really get the support we need? No, most of the time, we do not. In fact, we work because we gotta work. People living with TYPE I are working at least one full time job with TYPE I and then, add on another full time job with our regular 9-5 job, and keep on adding on jobs, the more we do, the more we gotta juggle, balance. Most people who do not live with TYPE I just do not understand. We all gotta work however, those of us living with TYPE I gotta work even harder.

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By Reality Woman

I'm a proactive, health conscious author writing to inspire people living with diabetes who seek a supportive and meaningful platform for discussion.