Sunshine Sunday

How much do you just love it when the weather is gorgeous? Sun shining, perfect temperature, breeze is just right…this morning it was exactly that! This morning was a, Sunshine Sunday! I really love days like today…knowing it was low-tide, I had a hunch the run this morning would be really enjoyable. During low-tide, it… Continue reading Sunshine Sunday

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We’re Not Robots

By nature, I am a low maintenance human. How about you? For me, it’s only the TYPE I that forces me into a higher maintenance category. Monitoring our diabetes is a full-time job, a huge commitment, a pain in the butt. Constant maintenance all day and night long, each and every day. If only you… Continue reading We’re Not Robots

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A Nearly Perfect Day

I woke up to an awesome blood sugar of 85…so awesome. However, prior to that, I had to deal with a high during the early morning hours from 1-2AM…brought it back down, then had to deal with the low – – swing high, swing low, just get back to normal! It was the pancakes I… Continue reading A Nearly Perfect Day

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Time for Juice!

The alarm on my CGM continued to beep and finally woke me up…it’s 4 AM…seriously…do I really have to wake up an down a glass of juice? Yup. If not, grab one of the GUs (20 grams of carbs) on my nightstand. Get that glucose up, I want to go back to sleep! Hours later,… Continue reading Time for Juice!

Before the Run: 145 mg/dL

Just before starting a run, per the doctor’s instruction, “…be sure your glucose level is reading between 140-150 mg/dL…” Well today, the CGM indicated I was at 145 mg/dL just before the run. Approximately every 10-20 minutes, I checked the receiver and watched the sugar levels continue to rise…so stressful to watch the sugar rise,… Continue reading Before the Run: 145 mg/dL

Let’s Get Started!

Real Granola by: Reality Woman

Living smart and strong during these unpredictable times…Evolving and growing…Learning more than ever about myself and potential…Building stronger and more meaningful relationships during this brief moment we call, LIFE ON EARTH…Diagnosed with TYPE I DIABETES at the age of 6 YEARS OLD…I am alive and very well, HEALTHIER than ever…Each day is a new day…I… Continue reading Let’s Get Started!


Reality Woman is my name. Wonder Woman is my avatar. I’m a nurse with a Masters of Science in Health Informatics and I blog about my TYPE I DIABETES to channel my energy into positivity. I am proactive, health conscious, and passionate about inspiring and helping people who live with diabetes. My goal is to… Continue reading Bio